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Thanks to Torah One on One, I have learned so much more about how to become a better, happier person and how to feel so much more connected in Judaism. Right on Rabbi Rosenstein!
TG: Senior at Taylor Allderdice High School


I started learning with Rabbi Rosenstein out of curiosity if the Torah was relevant to today’s world order. Was I surprised to see how “smart those ancient rabbis” were. I have found our lessons and study together to be fascinating, enlightening and very enriching. Rabbi Rosenstein adds a vast amount of interesting insight and explanations. Now my Torah study time together is the highlight of my week and also gives me the strength I need to deal with the difficult challenges I have in my life at this time. 
AW: Retired Business Executive


I love learning with Rabbi Rosenstein. He helped me prepare for my Bar Mitzvah in a very meaningful way. Now, I enjoy learning some Talmud and Torah, going from poor grades to A’s and B’s in my Judaic studies. Besides, we have fun playing ball and talking about thing on my mind.
LF: Seventh Grader at Hillel Academy 


I really miss not being able to meet with my personal rabbi since our business has become so demanding. I loved the spiritual and intellectual growth and time we spent together and look forward to reconvening when I will have the time, soon. 
DB: Entrepreneur


Learning Torah with my personal teacher, Rabbi Rosenstein, who actually comes to me at my Law office at my convenience, has been an amazing, surprisingly wonderful experience. I recommend Torah One on One to anyone who wants to have more meaning, happiness and spiritual connection in his or her life.
MR: Attorney


Torah One on One is a really unique service, which allows people of all backgrounds to connect Jewishly in a warn and non-confrontational way. I hope that many, many others will  take advantage of this incredible growth opportunity.


I really love being able to improve my skills in reading and learning Torah in the Hebrew. Rabbi Rosenstein is a great teacher and mentor and I really loved learning more about the importance and prohibition of forbidden speech – called Lashon Hora.
MH: Senior at Carnegie-Mellon University


I originally met Rabbi Rosenstein at one of his Hebrew Reading Crash Courses. I didn’t know anything about Judaism or what it meant to be Jewish. Now, I have become much more connected spiritually and Jewishly and I always tell everyone that I have Rabbi Rosenstein to thank for my introduction to Judaism.
LM: Professor


Rabbi Rosenstein has the patience to teach me how to learn and appreciate Talmud study as a beginner. My skills are slowly but surely getting better and better. Thank you!
BP: Sophomore at University of Pittsburgh


Yaakov and I met during the final days of my father’s life, Al Rogal, while he was actively dying. He was my father’s personal rabbi, who came regularly to his office. I saw for myself how much he grew spiritually through his meeting with the rabbi, and expressed verbally how spiritually enlightening their talks and studies together were. Since his passing, Yaakov and I have become very close friends and meet for lunch and just talk. I recommend Torah One on One and its unique services and talent. I am proud to be a supporter. 
JR: Writer and Marketer


My life has become so much better since I started meeting with my Personal Rabbi, who actually comes to my office for my convenience.
BG: Attorney


Learning with Rabbi Rosenstein has opened me up to a new understanding and pride towards Judaism. I am really happy and thankful to have this opportunity. Thanks Rabbi!
GR: Senior at University of Pittsburgh


After moving to Pittsburgh, Rabbi Rosenstein and I started to study together. We became very close and I look forward to meeting with him weekly, seeing his warm smile when he comes to my home.
CB: Retired Attorney


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