About Rabbi Yaakov Rosenstein, CPC

Rabbi Yaakov (Jim) Rosenstein, CPC


Life is good, because G-d is good. If you ever questioned why "bad things happen to good people," then we should chat. Faith in G-d and being able to accept His Plan is a key to happiness. Hard at first but once you get the hang of it, your life is transformed into a beautiful reality. 


I have been student of life, G-d, and spirituality for 40 years. Torah study and how to apply the wisdom of Torah and conventional wisdom to your everyday life - at work, at home and at play, is who I am. The Torah gives us the wisdom of living that helps us live to our greatest potential and lasting joy.


I grew up in a Jewish, Conservative, happy family. I was good in sports and singing and after attending public school and Carnegie-Mellon University, I was ready to seek adventure, truth, and spirituality. I explored the west, the rockies, and hiked across the Grand Canyon several times. My first serious conversation about G-d was with a nun on a Greyhound bus in Albuquerque, NM. I worked at Alta, Utah, a ski resort, where it snowed 61 feet of snow, before traveling to Israel. After asking to be placed on a religious Kibbutz, I was placed on a very left-wing Kibbutz instead. The head of volunteers finally asked me, "What is a nice Jewish boy like you doing in a place like this?" Then, I found my way to Aish Hatorah, then studied at Ohr Someach, Shaarei Chaim, and Torah Ore for 12 years.


I have taught hundreds of students Torah, privately and in the classroom of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, I have worked as a Chaplain and professional Life and Business Coach (www.thefreedomfinder.com). If you are ready now to grow to the next level or learn Torah or Hebrew skills, then I am here for you. Let's do the journey together!


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