Develop your mind with widsom

How much and how often have you delved into Torah study? I believe that Torah learning is the greatest, most intellectually challenging and stimulating of all studies. The Torah, which goes beyond human intelligience, teaches us how to live to our greatest human abilities. The Talmud is the greatest tool to develop human intelligience. Try it; you'll like it - in a comfortable, convenient, non-judgemental way.



Feel the exhiliration of Torah Wisdom. You will feel good during and after our learning session.

With the study of mussar, chasidus, Midrash, Kabbalah, or just learning the Torah with Rashi or other classic expounders, one's heart begins warming up to the love of God and our fellow human beings. Prayer, Tehillim, song and music can bring our the deepest, heartfelt emotions. Thus, love and faith in God can bring a person to great joy and help us get through life's challenging times or situations. 



Go deep into the wisdom of Talmud

There is no study that can develop your thinking and brain power like Talmud study. For those who are interested in more mystical insights, there are many great spiritual works to enhance your spiritual connection. You will be amazed at how enjoyable and enlightening Torah study can be - one on one, together.

                            Welcome to Torah One on One.                                 Here you will find freedom and lasting joy.

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